• Outdoor Exercise
    Outdoor Exercise
    • December 02, 2020

    \ Playing badminton is a good choice to spend a happy weekend time with friends. Beautiful Outdoor view is another gift for people like exercising. This is Moore Automation! John Yang is here waiting for you Email: Mobile/WhatsApp: 86-18150117685 Skype: On Sale ABB Servomotor SDM 251-020N5-140/25-2100 Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 921-3WA13 Indramat MDD093B-N-020-N2M-110PAO Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5243-1AB11 Indramat MAC112D-6-HD-4-C/130-A-2/AM164SG/S013 Indramat CPUB 01-01 Indramat MDD071C-N-060-N2M-095GB2 Siemens 1GG 51160-OFY40-6HU7-Z Indramat Servomotor MKDO41B-144-KP1 SIEMENS 6SE9517-7DB40-6AA0 Festo 195746 195742 195710 ATV58EU54N4ZH54 Siemens 6ES5927-5BA13 PDL Electronics UD3-31 Lenze GKR04-2SVAK06FC41 MC8-06F41-R80P1-ZOCU-8T5800N-R08U Lenze E84AVSCE2222VXO SIEMENS 1PA6103-4HF02-0BB9 EuchneSEW Eurodrive FH77/G CM90L/BR/TF/AS1H/SB60 SEW Eurodrive K67 CMP50M/BP/KY/AK0H/SB1

  • Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    • November 26, 2020

    Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Thanksgiving Day season! Discount products you may interest ICS TRIPLEX ABB BENTLY NEVADA T8403 1756-ENBT 07KT94 3500/33 T8431 1756-L62 07KT97 WT97 3500/40 T8151B 1756-CNB CI830 3BSE013252R1 3500/60 T8100 1756-DMD30 DSAO110 3500/22 T3401 1756-EN2F DSQC668 3500/50 T3480 1756-L61 IMDSO14 330180-50-00 T8461 1756-EN3TR DSQC697 330180-51-00 T8310 1756-L63 NTDI01 330130-045-00-00 T9402 1756-L64 DO801 330101-00-08-05-02-00 T9802 1756-L72 NDBU-95C 330103-00-04-10-02-00 Contact: Ricardo Email me: WhatsApp(phone): +86 180 3013 2586 Skype: live:d9c44bac84a891fb

  • Welcome to our party
    Welcome to our party
    • December 02, 2020

    MOORE AUTOMATION LIMITED is an active team. In this event we have gifts and dilicious food We have a large inventory of spare parts for industrial control systems. Manufacturers cover a wide range and also work with a wide range of suppliers. Moore Automation also offers quality outdated/discontinued spare parts to extend the installed life of your installed control system and reduce maintenance costs. Please don't forget to make an inquiry with MOORE,our party is waiting for you. BELLA EMAIL► | WhatsApp►+86 18005028963 Skype►ariatang111 | QQ►3004877813 ABB DSPC155 MA01 MA 01 NTAI06 DSQC104 MA03 MA 03 NTRO02-A DSQC201 MA12 MA 12 IMSED01 DSQC205 MZ03 MZ 03 IMDSI22 DSQC223 MB21 MB 21 INICT03A DSQC227 MM21 MM 21 NTCL01-A DSQC239 MV03 MV 03 IMDSI12

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