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  • Would you like big promotion for annual purchasing ?
    • December 17. 2022

    Would you like big promotion for annual purchasing ? Good day for you . Please also receive year-end greetings from Yuki.  About a month, you will start your Christmas holiday . So many customers are ready to finish their annual purchasing . To thank our new and regular customers for their support, we have prepared a surprise discount of 1%-10%! Including Bently Nevada, GE, Honeywell, Em...

  • Honeywell Announces New Green Hydrogen Production Technology
    • December 10. 2022

    Desperance,Illinois,USA March 17,2022/AP/-- Honeywell (NASDAQ code:HON) recently released a new catalyst coating film (CCM) green hydrogen production technology and will further test the technology together with electrolytic cell manufacturers. The electrolytic cell driven by renewable electricity is used to electrolyzewater into hydrogen and oxygen to produce green hydrogen,which is expected to p...

  • What impact will Schneider Electric's acquisition of Yinglius?
    • November 26. 2022

    Looking back at history, Schneider Electric's last time the acquisition of a large -scale pen  is traced back to 2006 to acquire US Power Conversion Corp for $ 6.1 billion.In recent years ) (3.9 billion US dollars) and Baldor ($ 4.2 billion) and the recent acquisition of the Railway technology department of Yingweson (US $ 2.8 billion).What does Schneider's determined acquisition this time&nb...

  • Emerson Joins RE100, Targeting 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030
    • September 30. 2022

    ST. LOUIS (July 18, 2022)Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global leader in technology and software solutions, has joined RE100, a global initiative bringing together businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. This alignment with other sustainabil...

  • ABB assists SCO member countries with automatic control systems and products for natural gas pipelines
    • September 17. 2022

    ABB assists SCO member countries with automatic control systems and products for natural gas pipelines The 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan from September 15 to 16. Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Samarkand, Uzbekistan by special plane on the evening of September 14 local time, starting his state vi...

  • Yokogawa Provides DCS System for GCL Technology Leshan 100,000-ton Granular Silicon Project
    • September 03. 2022

    The 100,000-ton granular silicon project of the Leshan base is a new 100,000-ton granular silicon single project that adopts the design idea of "systematization, standardization, digitization, integration, intelligence and modularization". At present, the Leshan GCL granular silicon project has entered a good state of stable operation, and various parameters such as product quality, production eff...

  • ABB's Electric Mobility China Headquarters Settled in Shenzhen
    • August 20. 2022

    ABB's Electric Mobility China Headquarters Settled in Shenzhen According to the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce on August 12, the establishment ceremony of the electric mobility China headquarters of the world's top 500 ABB (Asibran Bovary) group was held in Shenzhen, marking the official entry of the ABB electric mobility China headquarters in Shenzhen. On the same day, the delivery ceremon...

  • What is an Industrial Automation System?
    • July 30. 2022

    Industrial automation systems are systems used to control and monitor processes, machines or equipment in a computerized manner, often performing repetitive functions or actions. Automation systems and automation solutions operate in a wide range of applications such as control and monitoring systems, data security applications, factory automation systems, manufacturing, automated message response...

  • Impact of epidemic on electronic components industry
    • March 26. 2022

    Impact of epidemic on electronic components industry Since the second half of 2020, the global semiconductor industry has begun to experience shortages, and it has  gradually spread from individual types and individual-purpose chips to overall shortages of various categories. COVID-19 has had a certain impact on both ends of supply and demand in the semiconductor industry. In the  first ...

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